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Kendal Johnson made his mark during the 2012-13 season after a string of solid NorAm results and some impressive World Cup action. Johnson earned his spot on the U.S. Team after six NorAm top 10s, one of which was a win. Johnson ended his season with a fourth-place finish at U.S. Championships in Heavenly, CA. 

Johnson continued to put up solid performances in the 2014-15 season, with four top-10 NorAm finishes and five top-20 World Cup finishes, including a career-best 12th place at Deer Valley. 

Johnson, who is an ex-motocross racer, clipped into skis for the first time in the summer of 2010. His experience flying through the air on a dirtbike, as well as a short stint in gymnastics, inspired him to pack his bags and head out to Utah to try aerials. Three years later he was called up to the U.S. Ski Team and given the opportunity to take things to the next level. 

I’m one of the nerdiest skiers out there. I have no style--unless not having style is, in itself, a style. Aerialists as a whole are pretty goofy; we tuck our jackets into our pants. But my lack of skiing ability really sets me apart from the rest of the group as someone to point and laugh at. My main goal in life is to go bigger and get radder than anyone else. I’m all about having fun and enjoying what I’ve got now because when this career is over, I’ll have to get a day job.

When he's not on the knoll or throwing crazy tricks on the water ramps, Johnson jams out on his guitar and can sometimes be found mountain biking or scootering at the skate park.

Train. Everyday. (featuring Kendal Johnson) from Chris Morgan on Vimeo.



World Cup
12th, AE, Deer Valley, USA, 2015
12th, AE, Beijing, CHN, 2014

4th, AE, Heavenly, CA, 2013

Four top-10 finishes, 2015
1st, Lake Placid, NY, 2013
Six top-10 finishes, 2013