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5' 10''
170 lbs

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Skiing to me isn’t just a sport, it’s a lifestyle. I love to compete and I have fun doing it. If I’m not on the Air Site training then you can find me shredding the Terrain Park. I grew up skiing at Loon Mountain in Lincoln, NH and to this day call it my home. 

I got my start in aerials when my mom caught me doing back flips on skis and sent me to learn safety at the Lake Placid water ramps. After that the coaches saw potential in me with aerials and once they told me I could do as many inverted back flips on skis as I wanted, I was sold. It was really hard to leave home at 13 years old to ski, but if I hadn’t have done it I wouldn’t be here. The training isn’t easy, but its tends to make it better when your training for a sport that you generally love. I have a really good feeling about the 2014-2015 season. 

My parents were forced to teach me how to ski at the age of two after the caught me trying to teach myself by using my big sister’s skis. Since then it was evident that I would develop a passion for the sport. At a young age I found my love for jumps to the extent where my parents couldn’t keep up and they felt the need to place me on the Loon Mountain Freestyle Team.

As I grew up I got egger to try excelled tricks and decided to put my gymnastics training together with skiing and began to throw back flips on snow, the next day my mom was signing me up for summer water ramping camp in Lake Placid, NY to practice back flips safely under the coaching of Wes Preston.  In Lake Placid I found aerials skiing, where I could throw as many inverted flips as I wanted.  After the Lake Placid, I joined the Waterville Freestyle Team at Waterville Valley for a short period, which then led me to the Elite Aerial Development Program in Lake Placid, NH and to where I am today. 

Ever since I broke my ankle skateboarding my coaches and trainers are not huge fans, so I took up Downhill Mountain Biking. Honestly, I love being outdoors and being active. I am not the type to sit around all day. Other than that I spend a lot of my time on the trampoline and hanging out with friends and family. 


A day with Eric Loughran from Michael Rossi on Vimeo.



13th, AE, Lake Placid, NY, 2013

8th, Stratton, 2012
10th, Stratton, 2012
6th, Stratton, 2011

NorAm Cup
2nd, Val St Come, 2013
5th, Val St Come, 2013
5th, Lake Placid, 2013
2nd, Lake Placid, 2013
3rd,Val St Come, 2012