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After four years in John Kroetz’s Bristol Mountain Freestyle program in New York, Dylan Walczyk’s family packed up and moved to Summit County, Colorado. There, the young Walczyk trained with John Dowling of Team Breckenridge, whom Walczyk calls the greatest influence in his current skiing style. “I attribute much of my success to the use of all different types of coaches from different programs,” says Walczyk. “I was able to pull little things from each one to improve my skiing.”

Walczyk gained his spot on the U.S. Ski Team for the 2013 season by winning at the U.S. Selections event. With a healthy boost of confidence, he went on to earn a third-place finish in Lake Placid, the first World Cup event of his career. He rounded out the 2013 season ranked eighth in the world after a series of top 10 finishes. He then brought another consistent year of running World Cup bumps in 2014, which included an eighth in Inawashiro, Japan. In 2015, Walczyk earned his second World Cup podium with a second place finish at Deer Valley.

Walczyk first started skiing for fun with his parents on the weekends when he was a kid in Bristol, NY. His love for the sport grew stronger through the years as he balanced both racing and moguls skiing. “I picked mogul skiing because, to me, it looked more fun,” says Walczyk. “I started competing at the age of 10.”



Teams: 2013
21, DM, Voss, NOR, 2013
14, MO, Voss, NOR, 2013

2nd, DM, Deer Valley, USA, 2015
5th, MO, Tazawako, JPN, 2015
8th, MO, Inawashiro, JPN, 2014
Six top ten finishes, 2013
First podium was a third place finish (DM, Lake Placid, NY 2013)